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Results – May Marathon Madness

It’s with great pleasure that we are able to announce our winners of our third virtual event of the Lockdown.
Drum roll please …………
Congratulations to Frazer Bolt and his team of Joanna Stevenson  Robert Cooper, Kevin Little , and Tish England
A fantastic performance, and the only team to break 4 hours!
The full results are attached to this post.
As always, the team spirit shown by everyone has been fantastic, and all of you, knowingly or not, inspire others within our club, and I have no doubt beyond.
I have heard it said that happiness needs to be earned, and it cannot truly be found in home comforts. Therefore if being uncomfortable is what can make a person happy, I hope you all, with your fantastic performances, and in these recent hot conditions, have found an element of true happiness.
We hope you have enjoyed this challenge, and as promised, the medals have been ordered and will be on their way in early July.
Thanks to everyone that took part, and a particular thanks to our Team captains who put themselves forward for the unknown, and showed admirably again how well they bring a team together.