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Run Report – 18 December 2023

Last week saw the culmination of a 12-week training programme for brand new runners at BVR with their 5k graduation run.


The BVR Couch to 5K program is designed as a gradual training process; from non-runner to 5K over a span of 12 weeks. It incorporates a mix of walking and running intervals, making it accessible to varying fitness levels. We started on a hot September evening when so many turned up, we had to do a quick rethink about where we could manage such a large group.  We had to recruit more helpers from the club!


The Couch to 5K program is not just about reaching the finish line.  Engaging in group exercise has proven to have positive effects on mental well-being. Running, as a form of aerobic exercise, releases endorphins – the “feel-good” hormones – reducing stress and anxiety levels. The mutual encouragement within the group means friendships have blossomed. Shared sweat, laughter, and triumphs have created bonds that extend beyond the running. 


From those who started with doubts and uncertainties, our participants have emerged as more confident, capable runners. The Couch to 5K program has hopefully instilled a sense of accomplishment and as a club, BVR would like to encourage them all to set their next running goal and we can help support their training to achieve it.


As we applaud these achievements, we want to thank all those BVR members who helped over the weeks. It would not have been possible without the extra help, and we think that many established members got as much happiness out of aiding the group to get to 5K, as many of the participants did at completing it.


So well done to Anna Powell, Bridget Greet, Briony Phillips, Charlie Whitefoot, Elaine Watkins, Hayley Clayton, Jackie Marks, Jo Rice, Jon Crouch, Jon Forey, Julie Frayling, Julie Gibbons, Kathryn Morley, Kevin Bushin, Kirsten Self, Kirsty Wright, Krysta Nolan, Lauren Upton, Liz George, Lucy Coomber, Mandy King, Mary Olszewska, Miranda White, Nathan Turnock, Rachael Motherwell, Rachel Donald, Sarah Forey, Sheila Lamkin, Tina Ramage, TracyAnn Tweedie, Yvonne Truter


The next Couch to 5k training season will start in Sept 2024 – keep an eye on our website for full details later in 2024 –

The BVR annual Christmas social was held at the Dolphin Hotel on Saturday with 70 members attending. A great evening of food, drink and dancing culminated in the presentation of several awards:

  • Most improved runner – Larissa Sullivan
  • Best Newcomer – Mikey Camplin
  • Most Determined Runner – Maureen Fitzpatrick
  • All-Weather extreme runner – Sally Shoolbraid
  • Most Supportive runner – Donna Egbeare

The BVR runner of the year will be presented at the annual AGM in Feb 2024.