Chair - Maurice Raymont

Hi, I’m Maurice. I’ve been part of the Bovey Valley Runners for just over a year and a half, and have been privileged to serve as a committee member since the start of 2020.

My running journey started with the c25k to support my wife.I did several 5k fun runs with the family and was kindly entered into my first 10k at Haldon in March 2019 This was the start of it. I then entered my first half marathon at Torbay in June 2019 and had a marathon booked  this year that was sadly cancelled.

Being part of BVR has helped me improve both physically and mentally and has given me more confidence than I’ve had before

I run Maurice’s Mondays,I  love running with all the pace groups the club has and seeing our members going from strength to strength and being part of their journey.

Secretary - Jill Bishop

Hi. I’m Jill, now retired and able to offer some time to the club so I have taken on the role of General secretary for the Bovey Valley Runners.

My running journey started when I woke up on my 57th birthday and decided I needed a new challenge. Having never run before (and being told at school that I’d never make a runner) this was massive for me.

I was on holiday at the time, I left my husband napping in the afternoon and went for a run/ walk along the seafront (running when someone passed me and walking when no one was looking). When I got home I continued with my run/ walk regime until I could run 2 miles without walking.

A friend advised me to join a ladies social running group which I did in late 2015. I enjoyed running with others so much more. I did my first 10k that year and the following year my first half marathon. My next challenge was to complete a marathon before the age of 60. Having not been successful in the London Marathon ballot I decided to run York Marathon in 2017, this was amazing and I spent 2 weeks after on a “runners high”.

Since then I’ve completed a couple more marathons and 3 ultras over 24 hours. My favourite distance is a half marathon because I’m not a fast runner, I prefer distance over speed.

Since retirement I have completed a few courses in fitness and running leadership mainly for my own self development and interest.

I joined BVR between Covid 19 lockdowns when I moved to Bovey Tracey. I immediately felt welcomed by run leaders and fellow runners alike. I especially liked the fact that I could run in a group with others of a similar pace to me.

Since joining I have also become a volunteer run leader. I think you could describe me as a running addict.

Membership Secretary - Lisa Raymont

Hello I’m Lisa and I’m the membership secretary.

I started with BVR in the first round of couch to 5k in 2018/2019.

I started for fitness but found so much more in BVR, friendship, support and better mental health.

I’ve been away from running for a while now for various reasons, but I’m pleased to be involved in the club as a committee member and do my bit to help, support and give something back to our lovely club.

Treasurer - Clare Watts

Hi I am Claire, I have had the privilege of being with BVR from the very beginning and on the committee when it first formed. I gained the role of club Treasurer in January 2020.

My running journey began in 2008, at this point I had started a new chapter in my life and needed a focus and this soon became exercise.

Running has helped my physical health as I have had a significant weight loss and mental health by over coming various life challenges.

I have completed four half marathons and several other organised runs.  Within my running journey I have had 3 babies which has meant breaks from running, I always love getting back to it so I can fit back in my pre-baby clothes but most importantly the headspace it brings.

The C25K has helped me to return to running as it is a nice gentle approach.

I love seeing people develop and the enjoyment others get from running. I am in the club to help people by encouraging, motivating and supporting them, as I have seen and experienced how positive running can be.

Website and Communications - Rob White

Hi, I’m Rob and have been with BVR since Sept 2018.

As a young lad I was never a runner (although I did take part in the Herne Bay Half Marathon in 1988) and it wasn’t until I started to take my daughter to the Parke Parkrun that I considered having a go.

I used the Cto5K to start, but didn’t get that far so went straight into the Parkruns in 2015, but after just a few months an achilles injury stopped me running for a year. But since then I have increased both my number and distance of runs.

We are blessed with having some fantastic scenery, on the coast and in the moors, so you will often find me plodding up and down the trails in the sunshine and the rain.

BVR is a brilliant all-inclusive group that so encourages people of all abilities to just get out and run,

Run Co-Ordinator - Alice Mann

Hi, I’m Alice, I have been running since 2012, I did my first run and couldn’t walk for a week.
Thankfully, I didn’t listen to my body when it said to not ever do that again and have ran on and off ever since.
I have completed one marathon and a few Half’s but the main reason I run is for enjoyment, as long as I get out I don’t mind what pace I go and would always choose running with someone over running on my own.
I have always been lucky to find amazing running groups to join, meeting some inspirational people along the way, Bovey Valley Runners is definitely one of the these groups. I am proud to be part of such an inclusive and fun running club.
Whether you are a completely new runner in the C25K or running ultra marathons, BVR has a place for everyone and will support you in whatever you want to achieve.

Committee Member - Jacqui Baker

Hi I’m Jacqui.

My running journey started several years ago or did it? I’d follow C-5 for a month or so, then run 5K for race for life or similar as a one off & then stop again.

I don’t mind telling you I have Crohns disease, I tell you this to encourage others with auto immune diseases to give running ago but also to explain how BVR has helped. My health has always been hit & miss meaning I never maintained running for any length of time.

That was until Sept 2018 when I joined BVR. I started as a beginner, we ran 5K & I thought I was going to pass out! Believe it or not in May 2019 I ran Plymouth Half Marathon. Just 8 months into my real running journey. To find out what the journey in between looked like you’ll have to come along for a run & I’ll fill you in.

But it’s safe to say it came down to encouragement, belief & friendship, all of which I’ve found in BVR. Both my physical & mental health are healthier. These guys really are amazing. 

As for the role I play within the committee. I was invited to join just a few weeks into joining everyone that September. I brought with me the idea of our now well established C-5K plan.

I feel privileged to have been part of what we now know & recognise as Bovey Valley Runners. From the choosing of our club name to the colour of our kit, logo & all that you now understand to be BVR. That all happened around a dining room table & I was part of this to which I feel extremely honoured. Shortly into this journey I was asked to take the roll of vice chair & in June 2019 the committee as a whole voted me to take my current roll as chair. This was not something I had thought about so it took me by surprise. With the support of the committee & very importantly our club I took the position.

I am just one person in a wonderful committee & one person in an ever growing club that has become a community of inclusive runners. Often referred to as our BVR family. So thank you for having me along for the journey. 

Committee Member/ Kit Co-Ordinator - Sharon Scanlan

Hi, my name is Sharon

I started with BVR for the very first C-5K at the end of 2019. I started running for fitness and have enjoyed it ever since. 

I then went on to join in with club runs and with the encouragement and support of the other club members, I have since completed several 10k’s and 2 half marathons. 

I’m not fast but that doesn’t bother me, I’m just pleased to be able to do the distance.

I have been a member of the committee since February 2021.

I now like to give back the support and encourage to other runners in the club.